MAX Prešov

Prešov is Slovakia´s third most populated town. Its area of 71 square kilometres is inhabited by 91,000 residents with a mean age of approx. 35 years.

Prešov dominates the north-eastern part of the country and is the seat of the local government. Traditionally, it is a regional university education centre. The city provides an unlimited scope of opportunities to develop urban and suburban tourism.
Up to a distance of 100 kilometres, there are border crossings for Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine. Prešov is directly connected via a highway with Slovakia’s second largest city, Košice. Košice international airport can be reached within a 30 minute drive. The regional road traffic has experienced significant improvement and has been expedited due to the building of a new tunnel below the Branisko mountain range.

MAX is still the only shopping and entertaiment zone to be found in the Prešov region. Since its opening in March 2008, the modern facility has become a popular place for shopping, relaxation in cinemas and cafés, as well as a venue for social events.
  • 19,000 m2 rent area
  • 105 retail operators and service providers
  • Cash dispensers (ATM)
  • CINEMAX multi-screen cinema with 5 screens
  • 7 coffee bars, a restaurant, and fast food
  • Direct link to Hypernova hypermarket
  • Car wash
  • 480 parking spaces for the business area, out of which 445 are available in the MAX underground premises