Multiplex Cinema CINEMAX

Multiplex Cinema CINEMAX - the best cinema in the area.


High-quality picture. Superb sound. Comfortable seating in an air-conditioned cinema hall.
Entertainment as well as a cine-club for the most sophisticated cinemagoer. Regular programmes
for children.

After the brand Business and Entertainment Centres MAX, Euro MAX Slovakia (Joint Stock Company)
comes to Slovakia with a network of multiplex cinemas CINEMAX equipped with state-of-the-art
technology and top-technology sound systems. As well as huge-sized screens. The comfortable
and lively atmosphere is enhanced by adjusted airconditioned cinema halls with comfortable seats.
As a matter of course, the Internet online booking service will be available. CINEMAX multiplex cinema
network covers the entire area of Slovakia. The cities selected to become part of the network are
all regional leisure and cultural life centres that are sought-after by people from vast tributary areas of
approximately 30 kilometres who in turn seek out entertainment and relaxation, which they can find by
watching a good movie.



CINEMAX Bratislava

EUROMAX Multipurpose centre will house the largest multiplex cinema
CINEMAX in Slovakia – with its 14 cinema halls.


At last, the citizens of Bratislava will see a highcapacity cinema that provides amply opportunities to
hold large international festivals of the due standard. This project will also comprise two absolutely new
and unique VIP cinema halls with a capacity of 24 seats that are designed for company lectures and
presentations as well as unconventional parties, all by the turn of 2011 and 2012.




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