Fine feathers make fine birds, and a fine office...
A considerable part of our lives is usually spent at our workplace. We are, therefore, in the right when we have high workplace expectations.
The EUROMAX Multifunctional Centre is the answer for the most demanding clients.


Your luxurious apartment has never been so close to the office!
Part of the project is a 22-floor building. While the northern part will contribute 5,000 square metres of exclusive administrative premises to the market, the southern part of which will be a synonym for comfortable living of the highest quality set in intelligent and spacious tailor-made apartments.
Benefiting from the latest technology, both sections will be connected, yet discreetly and securely separated.
Under the double-tower will be an area of more than 21,000 square metres stretching out throughout eight floors that are designed for administrative and office premises. High standard, nearly unlimited variability of premises, abundant parking, very good accessibility, and connections to the nearby business centres all underline the unique character of the area.